Organize Financial Life

This process is very easy for our clients because we will do all the heavy lifting. We will start by having a discussion to expose everything that exists in your financial life. We’ll give you a personal financial profile that lists everything that makes up your financial life and all you have to do is attach all of the statements, insurance policies, recent pay stubs etc. in a bag or a box and bring it to us. We will create your personal financial statements for you and help you understand what it is that you have and see what make sense to keep and what doesn’t, and most importantly make sure it is all working together. 

If you don’t have statements or records that is no problem, you can simply write down what you remember on your personal financial profile form and we will help you get recent statements and documents from all of the different companies if needed.

At the end of this process you will have an organized and easy to read summary of your entire financial life. Being able to look at your life with clarity will allow you to focus on making progress towards your life goals.