Insurance Needs

We are independent insurance professionals. We have the freedom to work with just about every insurance company that offers coverage, and that means we truly get to work in your best interest. We will do all of the research and find the company that is going to offer you the best price based on your personal health status and history. If we worked for an insurance company, then we would have no choice but to sell you the only products we have access to. With our approach we don’t have to sell you anything, we get to recommend the best companies and the products suited for you! Below is a quick look at our insurance planning process:

  1. First we want to understand why you are looking to buy insurance and help you to determine how much coverage (or benefit) you need.

  2. Next we will help you determine the right structure of insurance policies (Term, Permanent or some of both), and whether to buy enough coverage to cover 100% of the risk or just some.

  3. Next we will need to learn all about your current health, health history, and family history. This is an extremely important part of the process because it will help us to determine which insurance company is best for you.

  4. Then we will reach out to many different insurance companies to see how they would rate you, then see what each company’s price will be for the risk class they feel you fit in with their company. Company A may offer you a “Preferred” risk class and Company B may offer you “Standard”. While Preferred will be cheaper than Standard at the same company, Company B’s Standard pricing may be cheaper than Company A’s preferred pricing, we will do all of that research for you.

  5. We will then make our recommendations. Keep in mind that we get compensated from the insurance companies, and the prices we get are the same prices you would get if you called them directly, so you get all of the value we provide at no extra cost.

  6. Finally, we will get the appropriate paperwork from the company/ companies we choose and submit to underwriting for an official offer.