Our Firm

Dominic V. Privitera, CFP®, CRPC® worked for one of the largest financial planning firms in the industry for several years. He amassed a great amount of product, planning and industry knowledge. But what became clear to him very quickly was the fact that he worked for a firm, not his clients. When you are dependent on a salary and benefits from a company, your decisions can be driven by that company and its incentives.

He decided that in order for him to truly work in his clients best interests, he had to create his own business and act independently from any one company, and Total Wealth Planning LLC was born. Dominic has positioned himself to act solely in his clients best interests with no allegiance to, or restrictions from any company in the industry, regardless of product or service.

His experience managing multi-million dollar businesses prior to entering this industry provided him the skills necessary to quickly identify and form key relationships and strategic alliances to provide his clients some of the best resources available, including accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, property & casualty insurance professionals, group health insurance professionals, retirement plan platforms, pension administrators, asset management platforms, and the list goes on. He provides all of the resources of a large organization without the bureaucracy, red tape and dependency.

Total Wealth Planning exists for the to Protect, Support & Guide our clients so that they feel Empowered to live a Full Life!!