Investment Management

We believe preserving your assets is just as important as growing them; that’s why the core of our investment philosophy is to attempt to avoid large losses.  If we can accomplish this, it can allow us to keep our clients focused on the strategy and help guide them from making emotional decisions that have historically minimized returns. Below is a quick look at our process:

  1. We first need to understand your tolerance for risk. We will use different questionnaires and have conversations around your past experiences, fears and expectations.

  2. By this point we will have already asked you many questions and will understand what you liked and didn’t like about your current investments. Next we will analyze your current investments and explain to you why they have performed the way they have (good or bad) and how they might perform in different market conditions. This process will help us to tailor our recommendations around what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to risk, return and volatility.

  3. After this we will craft an investment policy statement together that we will use as a guide to manage your assets, manage your expectations and measure success.

  4. Then we will put together an overall investment strategy and proposal outlining the different of the different solutions we’ve come up with that we feel suit your risk tolerance and goals.

  5. Once we agree on the strategy and implement it we will monitor the portfolio through our one on one quarterly reviews.